23 July 2015

The Hague

Dora Kloppenburg is a shoe and accessoires designer currently living in Utrecht and working in her studio in The Hague. Her work is mostly inspired by the Russian constructivism in art and architecture. It is simple and clean with special details.

* How does your home reflects you as an artist?

I think I can see my weakness for collecting almost everything. Insects, plants, wooden constructions and drawings of friends.

* Your house is shared with friends. What are the advantages of that?

We all studied on the Art Academy. Especially in that period, it was great living here together. All of us having deadlines, working in the middle of the night. Meeting in the hallway or each others rooms for help or eating ice cream. Cooking together and discuss our projects and ideas.

* Shortly after my visit, you moved to Utrecht. In what ways will you miss the apartment?

It was great having such a nice big house with all my friends in the heart of the centre of The Hague.
I really enjoyed living here. When I walked out the door, I had everything I needed nearby.


  1. Wat'n leuk retro interieur!! :-)

  2. Super mooie fotografie! Mooi huisje heeft ze. Fijn gebruik van planten en vintage meubels. Leuke serie!