21 July 2015

The Hague

Jantien Baas is 33 years old and she lives in Delft with her boyfriend Floris. She has two kids, her son Klaas is two years old and her daughter Ulla is 7 months old. She graduated as a textile designer and has been the co-owner of Tas-ka, together with Hester Worst, for over 10 years.

* What do you like most about your house?

What I like most about our house is it's location. It's situated right next to a canal in the old center of Delft. 
We have a beautiful view of the city. 
It's a very lively neighbourhood, with all the tourists walking by and taking selfies with the church or the canal in the background. On top of that, to our house is also adjacent to a nice little café.

We sometimes sit in our own shopping window and tourists are often tempted to stop and stare.
We don't want to mask the window though, because that would mean we can no longer look outside ourselves..

The most surprising about this house is the kitchen and the garden, which is located right next to the kitchen.
It's a place we like to spend a lot of our time, especially in summer when everything grows and flourishes.
The remarkable thing is that it does not feel like you are sitting in the center of a town.
It's actually very quiet.

That duality of being in the center of this city while still being able to enjoy the silence is something I truly appreciate about our house.

* What's your favourite object in your house?

A few paintings made by family and friends. They are extra special, because they are so personal, that it makes it extra special. There will always be a place for these items in my house.

- the drawing of my friend Sanne van Winden as a birthday gift, a pencil drawing on black paper of a woman under an umbrella with lots of flowers around her. It hangs above the sofa.

- the drawings /paintings Floris made, spread throughout the house.

- three paintings from my brother of my mother. The big one at the hall and two smaller ones in Klaas his room.

* With the birth of your little daughter, the house is becoming a little too small, you told me... Where do you see yourself living in the future?

I’m dreaming of a farm in Friesland (the North of The Netherlands) next to the water. 
I'd love a beautiful flower garden and a small orchard next to a body of water with a boat ashore. Soundproof house in the garden for Floris so he can make music and for me I'd like a nice wooden house as a studio amongst the trees.
 The kids can have fun messing around, building sheds and sail on their sailboat. Preferably also with a large barn, so you could perhaps even give a party if you wanted to! That would be great!


  1. Beautiful place, beautiful colours. I wonder where the blue and white picture (or poster) on the kitchen wall comes from?

  2. everything is beautiful....I really like this blog