12 April 2015

The Hague

Saar lives together with her husband and three children in an old beautiful house in The Hague. She's capturing precious moments in her daily life in illustrations, paintings and photos.

* Many of the photos on your blog were taken in your house. Do you change things around in your house to keep it varied?

I often change things in my house. Not because of the pictures, but because I love doing so. I constantly change things around, evaluate, maybe change some colours, evaluate again and so on. As a child it was my main hobby: changing my room or changing rooms with my brother or sister. My poor mother! I never heard her complain though.

* What's your favourite object in your house?

My favourite object in the house is the lamp above my table. I had to search for a long time to find the right one and I've chosen this particular one, because it brings all the furniture together.

* What does home mean to you?

Home means a lot to me. It's the place where the family comes together. It's the place where we laugh, talk, cry, dance, create, read and relax. 
It's also my working space, so I spend a lot of time at home. My home is a reflection of who I am. A lot of things are made by me or the children, found in a shop or outside, gifts from friends, family or ancestors and souvenirs from travels. Most things have a story and some are just beautiful or useful. 
I like my home to be simple and light, so I can throw away pretty easily when it feels like 'too much'.
I often like to add little things that reflect the season to keep home in touch with outside.

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