25 April 2015

The Hague

Hester Worst is mother of two little girls, wife and co-owner of design studio Tas-ka
Started Tas-ka together with Jantien Baas in 2004 after graduation of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.
They began their webshop called "Collected by Tas-ka" in 2008 and they opened their shop in The Hague.
Hester loves being with her family, doing her job and she enjoys the outside.

* You bought this old Dutch styled house and did some rebuilding/ renovation. 
Tell me more about that...

I was very pregnant - only two days prior to giving birth - when we bought the house. It was not love at first sight for me personally, but I think that made the project so worthwhile! My husband knew it was great and convinced me that we could turn it in to the house that we wanted.
The house was built in 1913 but was remodeled in the eighties, which meant that the entire house was covered in cheap wood. The walls, doors and even the garden doors were covered with wooden panels.
When we started removing all that, we discovered beautiful materials underneath. 
I would usually support bringing a house back to its original layout, but it just didn't feel right with this house. So we made a new layout and moved the kitchen into the living room and converted the hallway into our bathroom.
It was a risky move and we could not anticipate if it would feel right, but we tried it anyway and now it's perfect for us. We enjoy it every day!

* Does your house reflect who you are and in what way?

It is the place where I feel most comfortable, where my babies sleep, eat and play. They also learned how to talk, walk and ride a bike in this house. It has been a part of my past and hopefully will also be a part of my future.
It is a collection of things we love and cherish, both new and old.
There is furniture from my parents home, pieces we found in secondhand shops and also some new things we bought over the last few years. I think it's always evolving and that it is never finished.
It lives with us and we adjust it to our needs but at the same time it adds this stability to our daily routine.

* What's your favourite spot in the house?

I like to be in the kitchen area to cook, drink coffee, read the newspaper, 
look at the garden or paint with our daughters. 
The garden is our favourite place in summer. We love gardening and to see our plants slowly grow.
The girls also have a sandbox, it's their favourite toy of all time.


  1. Dit is precies hoe wij wonen, strak en minimalistisch met toch een vleugje landelijkheid en authenticiteit. Die combinatie gaat nooit vervelen, en trokken we daarom recent door naar onze keuken, die we op maat lieten ontwerpen. Elk detail klopt!