28 March 2015

Visual artist

Luca is a visual artist, Ghent-based where she studied photography at the School of Arts. 
She works as a freelance photographer for architecture firms. In her spare time she creates images that 
come in series, built around concepts that differ greatly. 
Besides photography, furniture and design are a daily distraction, some of her designs make the cut  and are followed through. For example her latest project, a series of concrete fruit bowls, where she experiments with composition, color, granulate and texture.

* Do you think your house really reflects your soul? Or is there anything you would like to see different?

We live in a great rented house with a lot of light an a small beautiful garden. We love to come home 
but of course there are things we would like to see different. Architecture is a daily occupation in Max's (my boyfriend, an architect) an my life and we are longing to design/renovate our own place.

* You told me that you collect old furniture, particularly chairs. Do you have anything planned with these?

It's not really collecting but if I see an (affordable) object that inspires me, I buy it and when I don't have any space left, I resell an item. I'm attracted to different materials, textures, structures...
My latest purchase, another chair, is not really a beauty but I love the base.
The purpose is to disassemble the chair and make a new design starting from the naked construction.
So for the future, besides my job as architecture photographer, 
I'll be mostly (re)designing furniture and objects.

* What's your favorite spot in your house?

It depends... The evenings and sundays I prefer our bedroom, together watching a movie, being lazy and
enjoying each others company.
But during daytime I love working, creating, ... at my workplace.


  1. how nice you're back
    It is my favorite blog of the universe
    greetings from Argentina

  2. Thank you so much, Luciana!