02 March 2015


Laura is an architect who lives with her husband and 2-year old daughter Oona in the suburbs of Ghent in Belgium. She met her husband in first grade when they both were studying architecture. Laura is passionated about photography, architecture, design and her little girl. Which you can see on her instagram.

* Did your house became what you had in mind? Because in your case, you really designed it yourself..

When we bought our house, we already had a vision. We wanted more light, air, views and flows from one room to another.

It's not easy to design a home/house for yourself. We were/are very demanding and perfectionistic and on top of it we only had 6 months to break it down partially and to make it liveable again. We made it and are very happy with the result but there is still some work to do and there are finishes that could be better.

* What's your favorite object in your house?

I don't have a special object but I love that all things that make our house a home are things with a memory.
Like an orange chair from my parents. It has a hole in the middle and my siblings and me used to crawl through the hole when we were little.. 
Presents from our wedding, presents  from Oona's birth, things we bought on holidays or on a flea market,...

* I think you house is a paradise for children, like Oona. Did you focus on this when designing it?

The patio was our focus point. We wanted to bring light and air in every room but also views towards our own house. For example, when Oona is playing in the dining area, we still can see her when we are sitting in the living room, etc.

In spring/summer/autumn, it's an extra room. We open all the windows and put up a swing for Oona. 
She loves it.

It's also very funny that all children that come over are always attracted to the little ramp (connection between the living room and dining area, next to the patio). Little cars, balls, bikes go up and down, 
and up and down...

We also think our house is never complete, it has to grow on us, on the rhythm of our life.


  1. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

  2. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

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