03 July 2014

Plant & make-up artist

* What's your favourite pastime when you're at home?

I prefer doing simple things like taking care of my plants (at the moment I'm making 
new macramé plant hangers), listening to my boyfriend making music in the other room. I also enjoy cooking and inviting friends, reading a book or watching a film in bed..
As you can tell, I like turning my home into a cosy nest.

* Speaking of your plant project... 
  Would you prefer to live in a more natural environment or are you happy bringing a small piece of nature into your apartment?

I love that because of earth.rope.pot.plant, the plant project I'm doing together with Narelle (Dore). I get to work with something as beautiful as flowers and plants! 
Also to look for ceramic pots at flea markets, to search for nice yarn and to put all these things together in a knotted hanger is really fun to do.
We use my apartment as a workshop, so I'm always surrounded by new knotted hangers and plants, beside my own collection. And I have a little terrace where I grow herbs and flowers so I must say: 
for the moment I'm quite happy!

* Where on this planet do you see yourself living in the future?

I would love to have a garden in my future home, I can't imagine myself doing anything else than work and sit in my garden the whole day when I'm retired! =)
I guess it will be a bit outside of Antwerp, but still near the city..
Or..sometimes I dream of Scandinavia, a charming wooden house by the lake. But when I realise that most of the time it's dark and cold over there, a sunnier place wouldn't be too bad either.


  1. weeral zo'n mooie foto's, eefje!

  2. I'm glad you're back! You always take the best photos. It's inspiring :)

  3. amo tu blog! es mi favorito del mundo <3

  4. good to see you back here, always with beautiful pictures of beautiful apts :)

  5. i like the pictures, and the flowers everywhere :)

  6. This is a lovely story Eef. I'm already looking forward to your next series. Going to go through the archive now, and subscribing to your updates.

  7. Sehr schöner Blog und tolle Fotos.

  8. Hello, I just want to say I LOVE the idea of this project you're photographing. It's beautiful and very interesting - to see real homes of real people. Real women :-)
    I hope you'll be continuing with this, I personally can't wait to see more!