02 July 2014


What does your home mean to you?

Once, a friend of mine joked that my home is like a shell, a kind of shelter with internet access, referring to my life as a contemporary hermit :)So, to me a home means a place where I can be on my own and work in complete silence, but it's also great when friends come over for dinner; I love bright and cosy houses with fridges full of goodies!

You've recently moved to your new apartment. What were the most important conditions for your new home?

I wanted it bright and spacious and preferably with central heating, because I'm a shivery type.This apartment was built in the thirties, and actually I had this kind of architecture in mind when I was looking for a new place, so I'm a happy girl now.

What's your favourite object in your home?

I'm not really attached to any object in particular, but I couldn't live without my yarns; I really like to rumble in my stuff :)


  1. These photos are so wonderful. I went up and down and looked at them all again. I own a few pieces of Renilde's work and adore them. It is so good to see her wonderful home where she created all that. thank you.

  2. love her work and space AND your pictures - very much!

  3. I just love this little place full of inspirational people. I so like to peek into their ways of living :)

  4. great work, i would love that someday you could gather all these photos and make a book!

  5. I would love that also!
    Maybe if I find a sponsor.. :)

    1. i hope you find one,it was really worthwhile to print your work :)

  6. Wauw, knappe foto's! Heel mooie blog heb je trouwens. Komt tussen de favorieten ;)