21 February 2013


* What do you like the most about your home?

The space! My father bought this huge building some years ago and he lets me live here. We used to organize concerts and exhibitions here. My brother will move here too and I really like that I have my family close by, but there's still enough room to have your own private space.

Does your work as an artist shine through in your interior?

Yes, it sure does, I work a lot with natural aspects in my work. Nature inspires me and it's nice to have it all around me. So I try to integrate it in my interior.

What would you like to change about the house?
Nothing much actually, the only thing I wish is that the works on the house would already be finished, but that will take probably a year or two still.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous space! Very inspiring. I love the rustic walls... and all the imagery & natural textures you have incorporated. Very beautiful!

    I found your blog via Sho & Tell's... I fell in love with your space and had to see more. :) Lovely blog you have here! I'm bookmarking to read more. :D

  2. I always look so much forward to an update on your blog. Great photos!

  3. your blog is so pretty. every post is amazing :)

  4. What a beautiful blog, beautiful photos… Love !

  5. Beautiful space and inspiring photos! What is hanging above the bed? I am looking for something similar to hang above my sleeping space. Thanks so much! Kris

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