05 January 2013


* What does 'home' mean to you?

Home is where I can take a step back from the world and feel comfortable. I don't need that much to feel at home somewhere. Light is very important; I'm quite attached to my books and materials; and my boyfriend Olmo is a pretty essential part too. A home should be a living thing. Something that grows and evolves with the lives and interests of its inhabitants. I think our home is equal parts Olmo and Mayken. I like to think of it as an illustration of the people we are. That's also why I love having friends over at our place; it's the closest we can have them. On a larger scale, Antwerp feels very much like home too. We've only been here for two years, but I think we won't easily leave the city.

* How does your interior mirror your work?

Most of the pictures on the walls are our own or from exhibitions I helped organize. I can't help making little arrangements with things I find or get from friends. I have several pictures and objects from family or unknown people, which are a great source of inspiration for my work. There's always traces of our work around the house: scraps of wool, cut out images, books, drawings, architecture plans, ... Sometimes it's hard to control it.

* What's your favorite object in your room?

I really like the small table with golden legs that we found at a flea market. It used to have ugly coloured tiles on top, but someone made a wooden surface for us to replace it. It has a different structure on each side, so you can flip it. I also like our glasswork - part of which comes from my grandpa's veterinarian practice, our plants, and the few pieces of design we bought. We don't mind labels, but we're pretty selective about what enters the house.


  1. Perfect place and perfect photos.

    I just don't understand how you could make a photo of a lamp so interesting!

  2. so mesmerizing <3 both you and the candidates you have interviewed. makes me want to visit Antwerp sometime

  3. Perfect! Zo mag mijn appartement er later ook uitzien! Jouw foto's zijn altijd zo mooi!
    Wat voor camera gebruik je?

  4. fascinating the vision of your daily

  5. What a gorgeous home, i love the dining room, so nice.

  6. Oh wow, gorgeous, I can't wait to start putting all the little pieces of my house together, it's what makes it home

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)




  7. What a great idea! I love it. Simple and lovely article.

  8. these photos are so beautiful. come to new york!

  9. Dat reks: simpel maar o zo mooi!

  10. Just discovered your blog - I love it! <3

  11. Just stumbled upon your beautiful blog and was just wondering where that red and blue print you have on your wall is from?! it's awesome!

  12. Thanks for sharing so many interesting and beautiful homes by all these talented women. I found your blog yesterday and I love this series of homes.