16 November 2012

Graphic designer

* What impression are you trying to make on visitors with your interior and do you think you have accomplished this?

The impression on the visitor is not that important to me. Most important to me is creating a place where I can feel good. Combining work and living in one place. Most of all I find it quite hard to invite people. Because this place is so important to me.

* What's your favorite piece of furniture in your house?

I have several, because I am a selective collector. 
Some of my favorite pieces in the house are :

- an old type writer for blind people
- two old Mercedes car chairs in my living room
- glass cloches (I'm addicted to glass)
- some Chinese furniture
- a small wooden elephant I received from friends for my last birthday
- And some small objects found in nature or in the streets that I sacrifice to my plants. Hoping they are happy with it and they will grow and live happily!

* Is it hard to keep your working and living space separate?

In some way it is very difficult, but it is also a big luxury.
When I need free time, I like to make a little trip to the city : a little walk, some friends, cinema, shops, magazine, buildings, the Scheldt, a pub.
It is very hard to stay at home, because I will automatically begin to work.


  1. I love this blog so much. Even though all of the interiors are not my style, i find every and each person you introduce here so inspirational. Your posts make me smile <3

  2. Weer zo'n mooi huisje. Waar vind je ze toch.

  3. Very interesting house full of intersting objects. Lovely livingroom with such a great bookshelves on wheels.
    I enjoy your blog a lot. Erg mooi.

  4. those bookshelves are amazing! thanks for sharing this beautiful space!

  5. Dat boekenrek is heerlijk! En ik spot er een aantal boeken in die ook in mijn kast staan :) <3

  6. what a beautiful, beautiful floor. and I love the big sliding door. to live in old appartements or old houses is wonderful.

  7. i always look forward to your updates!

  8. I love all of your insights to these inspiring apartments. That's why I introduced your blog in my Advent Calendar today. I hope you like it!

  9. beautiful might be the word, for the lack of a better other word. i feel so calm and inspired looking at all the pictures and reading the q&a. love it love it love it! thank you so much for making it happened!

  10. Waw, really jealous of your blog, I'm always looking forward to a new post :)

  11. Prachtige foto's!

  12. This is the first place me and my girlfriend (now wife) lived. I instantly recognized the hall door and closets on your first picture. It wasn't for rent when we first went and looked at it, back in 1998. In fact, it was totaly covered in dove shit. We convinced the owner to knock out two walls to make up the big 'lofty' living space, and we would rent it. Hasn't changed much since, by the look of it. Still the same paint on the doors and closets, stil the same floor, lovely. Had some very good times there, very good memories. Beautifull place at a perfect location. Always wondered what became of it when passing by, glad to see it is in good use. Enjoy.

  13. i'm glad i've found your blog. great project, beautiful photos and interesting, lived homes.

  14. very calm, very simple, very inspiring!!