14 October 2012


* What does home mean to you?

I have the feeling that I was moving around a lot these past 2 years. The last 3 months I rented out my room. I was living half at my parents, half at a friends place. I bought a small valise and carried it with me all the time. I think I feel at home very easily. But there's a limit to it. Eventually I missed my own place. A quiet space where I can feel at ease. 

* How does your interior mirror your work?

When I'm taking pictures, I'm moving around every detail till it's perfect for the picture. I think I'm doing the same thing in my room. I'm organizing the mess. It don't have to be clean but there must be harmony. I like to imitate nonchalance in a very controlled manner.

* You moved to another place shortly after this shoot. Do you want to go back to this place or where do you see yourself living? 

I moved back to this place a week ago. I have loved the feeling of traveling around in my own city. But after a while I began to feel like a gypsy. I'm very happy to have a real 'home' again. I think I'm gonna stay here for a while.