28 May 2012


* What does home mean to you?

Funny you should ask, because the same question was running through my mind during the move. Right now you could describe my home as a collage of love. I tend to romanticise objects and tie them to specific events, people or a specific point in time. I surround myself with those things that mean a lot to me: this way I write down my biography on the walls. A picture of my parents when they were young always gets a special place, just like the other objects with similar meaning. For some reason I also value images or the presence of animals, not only are they beautiful, they also sooth me.

* How does your interior mirror your work?

I never put something on my wall if it doesn't inspire me. The objects I put on my wall all trigger me when working. By projecting my thoughts on the wall, it becomes a lot easier to make them reality.

* Is the building you live in important to you or could you live anywhere?

The building I live in is rather important to me. As an illustrator I value light a lot. I also need a lot of room so I can work on a wall. My previous home was an old manor. When I decided to move because of circumstances, I went looking for something similar. Something with a lot of wood, light and character. Modern buildings aren't my thing. They make me feel like I'm living in a white cube. This "bel-├ętage" building is more worn down and the past is something that inspires and attracts me.