24 April 2012


* What do you like most about your home?

This place is just the apartment I live in with my brother since I started studying in Ghent. I wouldn't call it home, that would be the place I'm renting on my own, without my parent's interference. But I like the fact that I live here with someone who I really appreciate, doing stuff I can't do at home. I guess I function better without supervision.

* Do you ever put your own work in your room?

Someone once advised me to print my work more frequently and stick it to my walls so I would learn to appreciate what I created, because I'm a tad too critical about what I do. So I first hung up one picture in the corridor between my room and my brother's. It actually made me feel quite content in time and I'm planning on printing more.

* How would you like to live in the future?

Right now I need the city and all its buzz to give me that fire to dare to express myself, but in fact I long for some place calm and lucid to perform as well as I can, both professionally and emotionally and settle down with someone I love.

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