30 March 2012

Fashion Designer

* What do you like most about your home?

The way living and working go hand in hand. There is no separate room for relaxing or for work, it's pretty much one unified space. This way tasks don't get labels, it's all part of the same process.

Does your work as an artist shine through in your interior?

I build moodboards in the house. I display the images and materials that interest me the most at that point in time. I also keep a lot of materials within reach so that I am tempted to work with them. This way they are always on my mind and have a chance to sink in. At a later stage I will also hang my design scheme on the wall to retain a good overview of my working process. 

So basically my interior is constantly changing, depending on my state of mind. It's not always that practical because I live together with my boyfriend and he too has a very strong opinion on what our home should look like. He made a lot of our furniture, he has a lot of cd's and books, which undoubtedly has influenced my work. Keeping the balance can be quite a challenge but at the same time it is quite enriching..

* What would you like to change about your home?

The home itself is more my boyfriend’s thing. I wanted it more raw and unpolished, I think it's a bit too refined now.
We haven't been living here for long, but slowly it's starting to gain some character. My experience taught me that the longer you stay somewhere, the more you get the chance to make it your own. At this very moment our imprint on the house is rather modest. I'm also not the biggest fan of  flats on the ground floor. And I would have loved a huge beach at the backdoor.


  1. françois duquesnoyMarch 31, 2012 at 4:40 AM

    ik zou in elk van al deze huizen willen wonen :)

  2. ik vind je fotos echt prachtig en je project heel mooi bedenkt

  3. dit huis is nog mooier dan het vorige

  4. hele mooie foto's eefje, ik volg je project.

  5. DANK!!!

    Lotte, waar is jouw blog???

  6. dag eefje,

    hier is die bellefleurdelis.blogspot.com

  7. Al deze huizen hebben zo een mooi nordelijke sfeer! Ik hou van dat en zau wel een beetje kunnen meenemen naar mijn huis :-) heel mooi project Eefje!