13 February 2012

Fashion Designer

What does 'home' mean to you?

It means a lot to me. Home could be anywhere, but it should be a place where you can be at peace. Usually your home also reflects your own personality.

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about your interior, like the position of your furniture and such?

I love decorating, but it's more of a natural process to me. I just want to feel comfortable. In order to feel comfortable I prefer having a lot of space and an abundance of light.

You moved to another place shortly after this shoot. Did everything fall into place or did you have to redecorate everything? 

Moving to a new place is always a big change.  So it took some time for me to adjust.  Making things as comfortable as possible is always my first priority. It's almost like this primal urge to transform my 'nest' into my personal space. I can only be at ease once this is done and I truly feel at home.


  1. Really stunning and such an interesting idea xxx

  2. Eefje, your photographs are so beautiful, I'm so happy i found your lovely blog! :)