24 February 2012


* What does 'home' mean to you?

My boyfriend and I bought a house last year and we put a lot of effort in it...painting for days, repairing things, buying furnitures...we did everything together and it's an amazing feeling. I know that this place is my home for a lifetime...I'm really lucky.

* What's your favourite object in your house?

There are too many, but if I have to pick one ,then it's the big antler on the dining room wall. Everybody who enters the house knows that it belongs to me, it's just not normal there. 

Where on this planet do you see yourself living in the future?

In the same place with the same person. I'm happy that I have lived in a lot of countries when I was younger... I got to experience how my life would be in other cities and nothing compares to my life in Antwerp. And it's only the beginning.


  1. wat een huis!!
    en ook heel mooie foto's uiteraard

  2. Oh... zo mooi zo gelukkig zijn.

  3. your work is perfect, i mean this project, the photos, the subjects, their homes, lovely.