25 December 2011


* What impression are you trying to leave on visitors with your interior and do you think you have accomplished this?

For now my interior is just a room in the parental house, so there aren't a lot of people who are actually entering my room. But if I have visitors, I make sure that there are no things left on the floor. Usually all the clothes, papers and covers make my room rather messy.

What's your favourite object in your room?

I would have to say my two cupboards, one small and the other one bigger. The small one is painted in a light teal colour, while the big one is off-white made out of beautiful wood. I got them together with two chairs, a table and another glass table for only ten euros. But perhaps my most favourite object is the black and white picture of a tree glued to a piece of wood, which was also a bargain.

*Where on this planet do you see yourself living in the future?

Germany I guess. I really like the country, both its culture and its nature. I'm not too sure if I  like the local habits, but you get used to those. If I move to Germany, it will probably be to a bigger city like Berlin, which is a rather popular city these days. But I'll probably just stay in Belgium though.


  1. geweldige kamer,
    geweldig wijf,
    geweldige foto's!

  2. j'aime son chez elle.
    A lot of little thing, big material for photography...
    Where we live is sometimes really a part of who we are.

  3. just found you, and really loved your blog.

  4. erg mooie kamer, kleuren en foto's!


  5. Ik hou van deze blog, prachtig concept. Erg mooie foto's ook.
    Doe zo verder. :)

  6. i love your blog
    please keep on with it:)