23 February 2015


February's almost over...
I had a birthday party and lots of fun with decorating. Funny that it makes you feel just like a child, but a happy one!
The presents I got were so nice. A big Agave plant from my niece and nephew. 
New green plates from a friend. And the lovely frame I got from Els!
In which I framed my mother in her early garden-age.
Next weeks will be for some interiour series of two beautiful sisters from Ghent. 
In march I will be visiting The Hague for new series!

01 February 2015


* 2015*
A new beginning

I'm going to make a few changes to my blog. Try to share a little view in my world. 
Visiting people will still be a big part of it. But because of health problems, the last year was more difficult for this project.
Next weekend I'm back on the road to some beautiful women and their homes.
January was: visiting Paris for a big project, painting hallways and preparing a belated birthday party!

03 July 2014

02 July 2014